Riverland Backpackers

A great working holiday destination for backpackers and a good resource for employers wanting, good quality, reliable, keen and willing workers.

At Riverland Backpackers we pride ourselves on providing a unique community of like minded people who want to work and get along well with other backpackers. Accommodation is cheap , clean and cheery with a magnificent view of Wachtels Lagoon, part of the amazing River Murray system. At Riverland Backpackers we will find you work and assist you with transport as well. A diversity of work exists within the Riverland area in South Australia and Kingston on Murray is located in a prime spot, central to all Riverland Towns, so making it within an easy drive of a multitude of employers in the region. Work includes, fruit and vegetable picking, packing and processing, hospitality, vineyard work, winery positions and an array of other odd jobs as well.
If you want a unique backpacking experience which will support you financially on your Australian journey, then Riverland Backpackers is the place for you.

Employers, if you want great attitude people, ones who will get to work and actually work, then consider one of our backpackers, short term, long term, on your terms.

Thank you for your enquiry regarding wanting to come and at Riverland Backpackers.

We have accommodation at two main sites:
• Kingston on Murray hostel (shared rooms)
• Bice Street Barmera units (shared flats) for those staying longer term and are moved from initial stay in hostel
Rent paid in advance is $155 per person per week (and to always remain one week in advance).
If you have not paid your rent within the week owing, the cost will then be $175 per week.
There is an additional $10 deposit paid to gain you a set of eating utensils, plate, mug and bowl supplied in a sealed plastic container for your stay (amount refundable upon return of all items clean.)
We generally will find all backpackers work, if however there is a gap with no work, we negotiate rent payments and I will use some workers to assist me as well for a reduced rent.

We also assist with transport if you do not have a car, this only will require you to pay for the fuel costs you incur for your work or shopping trip travel. If you stay longer and have an International driver’s license and have shown us to be of sound character, you may be allocated a vehicle for your work transport requirements, as we have a fleet of 23 vehicles.

I have recently made a Facebook site so that others like you can find us more easily.
You may want to google Destination Riverland for more information about this beautiful area, the Riverland.

Once you have confirmed with Riverland Backpackers management that a place is available for you to be booked, then you can make your travel arrangements to suit.

If you are travelling from Adelaide and require transport, you will need to:
• Book a bus ticket with the Premier Stateliner Bus Company in Franklin Street Adelaide
• Request the 11.00 am weekday service to Kingston on Murray
• You can book your bus seat online by contacting them through their website :
• www.premierstateliner.com.au
• Notify Cheryl, as soon as you have booked your ticket, so she can pick you up and have your room ready for your stay.

At this stage we have some work coming up within the next week or two, with vegetable and fruit picking and packing, so if you intend coming to stay at our hostel, you should be working within the week.
Please be aware that the main employment in this area, is seasonal and casual, factors which may vary and are dependent upon the climate and market requirements.

If you are planning on staying here, I will need at least 2 days notice to ensure that a space is available for you.

Looking forward to hearing back from you,
Cheryl Willcourt,
Manager at Riverland Backpackers